Before and After

Now that the yard is done.  Done as in there is still more we will do, there are things we will change, there will always be weeds but “done” enough for after photos.

This PDF has the before pictures in it. I don’t have the actual photo files but if I get them I will put them up….


I tried to take the after from approximately the same angles.  Except there are actual plants and structures in the way to see the whole yard.

Front Yard

IMG_2586 IMG_2587 IMG_2583 IMG_2585

Back Yard

IMG_2593 IMG_2592 IMG_2591 IMG_2590 IMG_2589 IMG_2588

2 Responses to “Before and After”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Wow, you really did start with a blank canvas. Looks awesome.

  2. Della Says:

    HUGE improvement, looks great ladies!!!

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