Bye-Bye Ponderosa Pine


This photo was taken at the end of May, from what I understand it is even less green now.

All trees have a life span and this wonder in my back yard has clearly come to the end of its life.

It will need to come down and we are working on quotes from that.
The roots are starting to compost in the ground which is what they are expected to do.

However this causes two problems, the first being sink holes.  My sister stepped into a bed yesterday to pull a weed and sunk in up to her calf.  Also recently there was what looked like a crack across the ground and I am betting it was earth settling around a no-longer-there root.

The second and probably bigger risk is the coming fall.  With no roots to hold this bad boy up, it is sure to blow right down in the first wind storm.  Either onto my house, or the neighbor’s house, or even into the pool.

So arborists being consulted and saying bye to what was the only shade option in the back yard  (which clearly isn’t a shade option any longer with no needles)

One Response to “Bye-Bye Ponderosa Pine”

  1. Katherine Says:

    So sad. It was a lovely tree. The guy from Grun will take care of you. Tell him I sent you.

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