Weekend with the sisters, the nieces and a nephew.  Missing were the brothers, Maria and Miguel.

It was so fantastic to have almost everyone in the same place, it was like a 97 degree Christmas.  It had been three and a half years since I had seen Tureaza’s kids.  They are nearly 8 (in a couple of weeks) and 12 (in November).  Funny, polite and such developed personalities since the last time I saw them.

Della was also down from Washington as she is in between jobs and the timing worked out perfectly.

We all hung out, laughed at complete silliness, ate too much, we all (seven of us) went for pedicures and my nephew got alternating SeaHawk toenails.

I actually have no photos of the weekend.  I was so busy laughing that I didn’t take any.  Other family members took a bunch and put them on facebook.  So a few people got to follow along with the craziness.

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