The Grins and Goans of Facebook

My niece made me a Facebook three years ago.  Mostly so I could see their photos and join the “Family” page.  Well I would forget about it for long periods of time.  One of the girls would text me that there was something to look at or plans for visiting being discussed.

That went on for a couple of years.  I had seven friends, all direct family members.  A few friends figured it out and requested me but it all broke out in February this year when there was a house full of people here visiting, I was “tagged” in a couple of photos.  That’s when other people figured out it was me.  I ended up with additional “friends”,  actual friends and more family members

A few things I have realized with Facebook, the more “friends” you have the more likely you are to check it regularly.  Also a lot of the things people “like” or “share” are completely useless.

I like a lot of the political and moving posts but I ended up with more cat and unicorn posts then I could stomach.  Continuing to “hide” all from FillInTheBlankWithSomeRandomMemeCreator.

My favorites are actual posts where I can see the people I cherish are out to dinner or a play or what they did for their 50th birthday. It was also how I found out about my step brother being in the hospital recently.  But along with the unicorns, cats  and the fanatical and hateful posts I have already “unfriended” a few family members.  I figure if you are “liking” things that are an affront to my actual life then you probably don’t want me as a friend and I certainly don’t need to see hate that is directed right at me.

3 Responses to “The Grins and Goans of Facebook”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Glad you aren’t ditching it completely. There are several ways to remove irritating things from your feed. I hate the game notices and don’t like the ads much, so I’m always clicking the “never see posts from” option on those. It’s your wall–you get to control what shows up on it.

    • V_Lo Says:

      I have entered “never see post from” on the Unicorns are love page, the Unicorns and rainbows, so very many Texas idiot sites but I had to just “unfriend” actual family members when they posted that Gays are unmoral and not worthy of the same benefits of others.

      Sadly (ha) I will not be seeing all the casserole recipes.

      • Katherine Says:

        I’m sure you have much better and more broad-minded and filled-with-love casserole recipes. 🙂

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