Selling on my brain tonight

There has been one thing after another with my house.  The plumbing, then the tree and tonight water not draining again from the downstairs shower.

This very well may be the last straw.  I am so much closer to putting it on the market then I ever have been.  Of course currently Dale and Della are both not working.  Della’s job starts next week and Dale is still off on medical leave because of his broken arm.

So many things to consider……

The house is my main, nearly only expense.
The real estate market is better, but is it completely recovered?
If we retire up to the Pacific NW, this house isn’t necessarily where we want to land.If/when I sell, I could apply any equity to the house we are currently in and go from two mortgages to one with a good size chunk out of it.

What do I do with all my stuff.
Get rid of most of it obviously but that would still take lots of time and several trips up.
When I go up to visit friends, It wont really be “going home” so much as going to visit
Family holidays would change.,,,,but haven’t they already with the nieces moving to Calimesa

So I don’t know if its the last straw or just the last straw for this week.  We had company this weekend, Vivian visiting from Mississippi.  That wasn’t a big stress but I was cramping Saturday morning before picking her up from the airport.

******The rest of this post is about menstration, so men, or everyone really not interested in menopause just stop reading here! Take from this post that I am thinking more about selling my house********

I started spotting on Saturday morning.  “What In The Hell” was my first thought and probably what came out of my mouth.  It had been months!!!  SIX months!!!  I was happily cruising to the “year” mark that means I am in menopause.   But no, that is not how it played out.

I bled so much this weekend it was actually insane and kind of scary.  It did not matter that I was doubled up on protection and changing every 90 minutes or so I bled through everything.  Standing with the awesome force that is gravity would send blood through my tampon, pad, cloths and seriously running like a river.

I was trying to entertain company and was light-headed at times because I was loosing blood like crazy.  Today I spent working on laundry because I created a bunch of it.  Although that was all annoying and frustrating.  I am mostly upset about the resetting of the mark for the “last period”; I really do hope this doesn’t play out again next month.  I am so very ready to be done!

3 Responses to “Selling on my brain tonight”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    Forcing myself to NOT make a political remark/joke…
    Phew, think I am past it.
    I hope that you are feelingbetter. Heavy periods like that can be a normal part of the aging process but also not, so you might want to let your doc know about it. As for selling – keep thinking about it – what are the pros and cons, do your research on the market, check recent sales to get a feel for prices, etc, and start thinning out the stuff if you can. Then, if you decide to sell, you will be ready. If you decide not to, you will feel like it is a new house anyway with all the space. 🙂 And either way, the decision will be influenced by facts, not so much frustration. Good luck!

  2. Della Says:

    Lots of things to consider sister. I’ve been told that right now it is a sellers market. There aren’t enough homes and people are wanting to buy. Being summer time it’s probably higher than it would be in the winter. Will it still be this way next year? Who really knows…Would you get more out of it now because of the high demand? Would it be better to wait? Would the issues like plumbing and simple repairs get worse over time? If you sold now would those items not matter to a buyer because they have been looking for months and haven’t been able to find anything? if you wait would you have to put more money into upgrades before you could sell? If only we had a crystal ball! Do you have any real estate friends, maybe you could ask them for advice? Or maybe even just get a market appraisal and start from there?

    One thing I do know for sure is that I will be fine. I’ve been doing my best to try to keep up things around here this past year. There is a lot going on with the yard, garden, pool, plumbing, trees, etc, etc. I don’t know how you managed it all on your own and it flourished! You are superwoman for sure! I’ll stay here as long as you need me to, but I would be ok moving into a small house or apartment where I could take a break from maintenance for a while lol.

    Love you sister, I support whatever decision you make. Please don’t keep the house just for family though, none of us want you to carry that burden just so we have a place to gather.

  3. Katherine Says:

    Man, we need to catch up. I have friends who are real-estater types so let me know if you want me to hook you up with them. Housing has gone plain nuts up here, although more in some areas than others. I have no idea about the Burien market but there have been recent articles about Seattle folks finding affordable housing in Tacoma so…..

    Sorry about the period biz. I’ve yet to skip for a six month stretch and I’m older! Instead, mine dropped down to every 3 weeks for six months. Motherf*cker!

    I bet we could put together a pretty funny video of all the random restrooms where you hear “what the hell!??!” coming from the stall.

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