Nearly perfect Saturday

We slept in…..  after being up at 4:30 four days this week to go to the gym before work it was divine to sleep until 8 in the morning.

We then took a walk……there was a slight marine layer and we had a lovely two and a half mile walk before it got to warm.

Then we headed off for a massage……Lori received a gift card for her birthday for a local spa.  We arrived early thinking we would go into the steam room first but getting signed up and changed took more time then we planned.  Instead after our massages we met back in the women’s lounge and sat in the spa for a while then the steam room.  The steam room was brief as it was hot, impossible to see and I started having a hot flash right away.

We left the spa and headed to Rutabegorz for lunch.  I love that place and we rarely get there.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home, relaxing and finishing up the 1st season of Downton Abbey.

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