10:20; 11:33; 12:30; 1:45: 2:24; 3:46; 4:30*; 5:45

I am not sure if the 4:30 hot flash was triggered by my waking up for my gym alarm or if they were just timed to be exactly at the same time.  However I did not get up and go to the gym because I was tired.

It has been very hot last week and over the weekend. Today thankfully mid 80’s is expected to be the high!  We ended up getting a window AC unit for the bedroom.  We will probably use it for a month and then remove it and store it until next August which is when we can’t seem to handle the heat.

Although it was a hot weekend, and we were doing things like going to the farmers market, grocery shopping, going to an outdoor luau and transplanting two small trees, it is the overnight hot flashes that are kicking my butt.

2 Responses to “10:20; 11:33; 12:30; 1:45: 2:24; 3:46; 4:30*; 5:45”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Are you taking Black Cohosh? That really helps with mine.

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