The journey to maintain

I do pretty well, I think.  Working my “plan” as they say.  Clearly I am not a major athlete and I have days that the pillow/snuggle wins out over the morning gym call.  I also like cheese.  But if I am honest I would say I am “on plan” 80% of the time.  Meaning I stay in my calorie range, I get my minimal workouts, I avoid the crappy carbs, the sugar, the alcohol, the chips and cheese.  What 80% gets me, or used to get me was to maintain.

I have never had a stellar metabolism and previously when was am successful at loosing weight not just maintaining that means living more in the 90% bracket.  Exercising daily and most importantly keeping complete and utter track of every little thing.  There is no wiggle room in that place.

The last six months or so have been even harder, and by no means have I exercised every day.  In fact this Summer was light because Lori was home in the evenings and the gym is just not and never will be more appealing than going home to her there.

I do continue to get up at 4:30 in the morning (like today) and go to the gym.  I will go again this evening (like last night) because although I am awake and there in the morning, the workout is not powerful but it does get the day going on a good start.  I continue to log my food which there are now handy apps that really make that so much easier than it used to.

However even living in this 90% range for the last month really hasn’t done anything to my clothes fitting better or the scale moving.  I think all I am doing now is battling the newest member of the opposition……Menopause and his evil cohort in war the hot flash.

Now 90% gets me to maintain….I will have to be crazed and diligent and a machine to make progress.  In reality, learning to live at 90% and be happy to maintain.

Hot Flash

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