Vacation Wrap-Up

It is really quite sad to wrap the entire week up in one post.  But I am already home, have gone grocery shopping, changed the bedding and completed the laundry.  I also cleaned out my closet and that has more to do with part of this wrap up……

Sunday I mentioned I spent with my bestie Katherine…we went on a lovely hike, errands and much visiting.  I was glad to have an entire day with her but she was away for work the rest of the week.

Monday was quite magical as well.  My sister reconnected via Facebook with a life long friend Tamlin a few months ago and they have been hanging out.  She has also reconnected with his mother because Tamlin sees her every Saturday.  These are friends we made when we were 4 and 6 years old.  They lived around the corner from us half way up the “hill” on 11th and Denny.  One day we were trying to “slide” down the hill in a cardboard box and Tansy and Tamlin came out and did it with us.  We were friends from that moment on.

Well Monday they all came for lunch.  We grilled Salmon and corn and sat around reminiscing.  The world was different in the beggining of the 70’s.  There we were playing on what now would be considered a busy street.  Without any parents anywhere around.  Going into our neighbors home without even thinking it was bad or asking for permission.  Tansy and I remember having our dime and taking the bus downtown and walking around Frederick and Nelson’s.  When we did that we were maybe nine years old.  Such great memories.  Such a very different world, which on another day would be a post all of it own.  But here is a photo from Monday, 45 years later!


The two sets of visiting on Monday overlapped just a bit.  As our childhood friends and their mom departed Tonya and Briana arrived.  We sat around on the deck, visiting and beverages ensued.  We ordered food in and visited for a few hours.

Tuesday I worked out in my little home-made gym and then my brother Dale and I conquered the shed.  We took everything out, sorted a pile for the dump, went through the paint cabinet and tossed and organized it.  Gave Missy’s bed to our brother Carols and his friend Trinity who had stopped by to visit and then put it all back in a very organized fashion.


Tonya and Briana came back that night and the three of us went out for Sushi.  It was so yummy.  I had picked up granola and yogurt for breakfast all week and Della picked me up apples for lunch.  My dinners were out every night with friends so I could visit.

Wednesday I met Linda at Liberty cafe for coffee.  We then stopped by her house so I could see her new kitchen.  After that we went shopping!  I was in serious need of new shirts for work.  I ended up with 9 shirts and 2 new pair of trousers and a skirt.  We also had lunch and he drove me back to the house.  It was a carefree, spontaneous day and so much fun.

Wednesday nights dinner was at Papaya at the Renton Landing.  I was late however and am still kicking myself for that.  I am never late.  But Tuesday, Thursday and Friday dinners were all scheduled at 7:00 this was 6:00 so I was just at home hanging with Della and Dale before I went over and Leslie texted me to see if I was okay.  But I did get there and we had dinner and visited for a couple of hours.  It was great to catch up, I wasn’t able to see them last December because Leslie had a horrible cold.

Thursday’s project was the gutter and the roof.  I climbed up and reattached the corner of the gutter that had come loose.  It is on the second story and the side that no ladder can be used so its a job done on my belly laying over the edge.  Dale was up there too and we cleared out all of the debris from the gutters.  They actually were not that bad.  After that we started on the shed exterior.  Dale re-attached the trim that had to be removed when taking the ivy down and I screwed in parts of the loose siding.  (There is more to do and Dale and I made a game plan – he is conquering this on his own).  Della and I went out to Ballard when she got home for work.  We met up with Shaunda and Jamie, dinner ended up not being very good but it was great to visit.  The only problem was Della was having increasing pain under her ribs from front to back.  We got back home but were only there for about ten minutes before we headed to the ER at Highline.

The Dr. was positive she had a kidney stone.  But they couldn’t do anything until they took the edge off the pain.  They drew blood and gave her some morphine.  Then took a urine sample and took her down for a CT scan.  They found Nothing.  Nothing at all!  There was a tiny bit of blood in her urine that they sent out to be cultured.  But if that came from passing a stone, there would be no more pain.  They pain is subsiding three days later, but it is not gone and there is only speculation.  Hopefully when she see’s her primary doctor and has more test results back.  The ER basically made sure it wasn’t an emergency, the gallbladder, the kidneys and the appendix looked fine.  They were through and speedy.  All in all we were only there for about three hours.

Friday I slept in a bit, we all got to be so late.   Della had gone into work late and Dale has a volunteer shift at the animal shelter.  I did my laundry and got all my new clothes into my suitcase.  I also worked on sorting out and clearing out a portion of my craft/baking/storage room.  I made a huge pile for Goodwill, several cans of recycling and a small bag of trash.  I was a good day of purging and there is still more to do.  Friday night I met Diane and Shelly at Claim Jumper and visited with them for a few hours.  It is so lovely to see so many of my friends and get caught up.  I don’t know when I will get back up there as I have a new job starting (I will blog about that in October when it starts).

Saturday I flew home, but not before Della, Dale and I went to the Des Moines farmers market.  I found Ricki the market manager for a quick visit.  We all got lunch and then wondered around.

This post seems so clinical and does not at all convey the fun and visits I had.  One thing I know is I has zero time left over to blog so here is the summary.  Back to work tomorrow which could be awkward, we shall see.

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