I received a remarkably suspicious looking email this morning.  It came from Ashley the woman who put on the yoga retreat we went to recently.

Me being the smartypants that I am did not open this email, I didn’t even reply to it.  Instead I sent Ashley an email saying “Hey did you send me a file”  She emailed back “yes I did”.

So thinking it was photos from the retreat, I logged in.  There was nothing there.  I immediately went back to my inbox and it was EMPTY!  Completely vacated of all of my emails including the two from Ashley and everything I had not yet dealt with (bills) and my “new job” stuff I need for next week.

(insert panic here)

I immediately changed my email password, but not before I started getting texts from people asking if I had sent them something…..texting, now that was a smarter move then I had made.

I started sending out emails to my contacts to say, that one from earlier was spam this one isn’t don’t open it. yadda yadda.  Do you know I have a ton of email addresses from people I no longer am in contact with, or customer service emails, several different ones for different people.  I seriously need to clean that up.

Anywho, I was not getting any emails in my inbox.  So were every single one of these emails in my contact list valid?  Where there zero bounce backs.   Perhaps it only made it out to a few, the few that texted me?

Well, no, that would be too darn clean now wouldn’t it.  I found all of my incoming emails where now directed to my trash folder.  (How sly you little virus, this is how I didn’t know when my email sent the damn worm out the bounce backs were not showing up)  In the trash were emails from people asking me,,,hey did you send this.

After several hours of emailing, changing my password, fixing my filter, finding most of my emails.  I seem to be back in order.

Unfortunately my “don’t open that spam” email did not get to everyone, because I just got the same damn file from my sister in Germany.  So now I know exactly what she is going through.  Sorry Sissy.

On one weird up side, I have had several email conversations today with people I haven’t talked to in quite a while….Hello Beth, Joy, Marissa, Johnnie, Albert, Maria,

2 Responses to “Spam!!!”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Bastard spammers! I got the don’t open it one, so you saved me the trouble. 🙂

  2. canyon cottage Says:

    Just wanted you to know I got one too. Came over her ego the blog to see if you mentioned it and just deleted it. That is such a bummer to deal with. Congrats on the new job, sounds like a good thing other ethan the commute. Hope you guys are well. Annie

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