I got a new J.O.B.

(Great now Huey Lewis in stuck in my head)

I got a new job……that has been a theme this Summer.

My sister got a new job, both of my nieces got a new jobs, three of my friends got new jobs. (One had been unemployed for an entire year, one for a few months and the other found a different position in the company she was in)

Now it is my turn. I start my new (old) job on Thursday, October first. It is technically a new job and things have changed since I was laid off in 2008 (I can’t believe I actually have a blog to link to about that).

As it turns out the same company that I worked for, for nearly seventeen years had an opening and phoned me to see if I was interested. This call came in June on our way to the yoga retreat.

I gave it some thought, besides it being better money and the shift I prefer I wanted to figure out if I wanted to job because I missed it or because the “teenager that was kicked out of the house was being let back in.

I also would have to quit the job I was in, not an entirely bad thing but there are people and the easy commute that I will miss. (There are others that I will not miss)  And just because it has now become a meme for things going wrong, I got another actual “poop in the hall” call today.

Well the job offer took a while, I just quietly worked away the Summer and got some long-term projects moving and set up. Got a manual made (just in case) for the next person and then at the beginning of the month the offer landed.

It landed right before I was to take a week off, I accepted the offer on Sept 3rd and gave my boss a clue this was coming. I still had drug screenings and back ground checks along with an official offer to receive, sign and return.

Then I went on vacation. All of the documents were wrapped up and I came back to give my official notice. Tomorrow is my last day, sort of. I gave notice but offered to go “on-call” so I could help with the signage and train the next person.

This of course will have to fit into my new work schedule, but I just can’t walk away. Technically I could, I just can’t. I can already tell my co-worker at work is stressed by the added work and the thought of having to get into the signage again. The signage is my favorite part and hopefully this will work out for a few months while they hire and get someone up to speed.

The down side is my commute. It is 26 miles from the house. Does not sound like a long way but it is LA. The benefit is my shift will be 2:30-10:30 (After two weeks of training) so although it will take me an hour to get there I will not be going in with the thousands that are trying for an 8:00 or 9:00 am start. I will miss my 12 minute commute, just two neighborhoods away.

2 Responses to “I got a new J.O.B.”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Yay! So excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about it!

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