First two days

Well the first two days of the new job went well.  Before I took the job, or even said I would be interested in an offer, one of the things I said I needed would be second shift, not first.  There is just no way I would want to try to be on the West side by anytime in the morning really.

So of course the first day I had to be in at 9:00.  It was for orientation and all the paperwork sort of stuff.  I left our house at 7:00 am to drive the 25 miles.  I was 20 minutes late.  Luckily my boss was completely understanding.

For my second day I worked the 2:30 to 10:30 schedule.  It is the shift I like but I will have to get used to it, I was tired by the end of the shift.  I worked in the morning for 4.5 hours and drove from there to the new job.  It didn’t take nearly as long to get there.  In fact I stopped for tea and for gas and it still only took 90 minutes.  The drive home at 10:30 at night was clear (clear in LA terms), meaning I was moving the whole time.

This week and next week I have to work 11-7 on Mon, Tue and Wed for training.  It will probably take me the two hours each way so last night we went and some books on tape for the drive.

All of this will even out in the next couple weeks.  There is a lot to get used to, new job, new commute, new co-workers and getting up to speed on the way this office manages projects.  Tomorrow it will be nice to have the trainer working directly with me because although I remember the system pretty well and poked around to remember where things are, things have changed.


2 Responses to “First two days”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    I can’t even imagine. My 18 mile commute normally takes me 20 minutes. Less if I am in a hurry. How do you stand it?

  2. Katherine Says:

    Thank goodness you didn’t have to do that in your truck. But still, the economic cost of that kind of traffic jam has to be staggering. And Seattle is approaching that madness as well.

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