Using the brain

This week my brain has received some stretching! It’s a good thing.

I have been training at job “M”, the new/old job. Things have been coming back to me pretty quickly. The newer system that I only had a couple of years on before I left took a couple try’s; the system has gone through changes and improvements.  But I have managed to put in a few jobs, proof out, prepare for filing and close for billing all with a little refresher and help. The older system that I used for seventeen years was a snap.  I even remembered codes to change screens and quick keys without being told.

I also worked the old “P” job today for 4 hours. It was focused catch-up work just on the signage portion and nothing to do with clogged toilets or burned out light bulbs. It was refreshing to work a little without really thinking. That job I have been doing for a couple years and the tasks were just rote. I will work there again tomorrow for a couple of hours before going to the full-time job.

Besides stretching to relearn things I also listened to an entire book on my drive this week.  It was a good book, “Still Alice” written and read by Lisa Genova. It was a great read eerrr listen.

On my way home I will start learning Spanish via CD’s while I drive. If this works out and are not to distracting from the actual driving I theoretically can put in 10 hours of study this way.  Granted, the book was so enjoyable I am ready to start another.

Lori and I agreed that with both of us driving we will have to resort to checking them out from the library because buying them like we did this weekend and then having it only last 3.5 days there will need to be a more economical option.

Needless to say, this week I have a happy brain.

4 Responses to “Using the brain”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Oh, so glad to hear you enjoyed “Still Alice”. I started reading it Monday when one of my friends from a book club gave it to me. I just hope I can find my way home when I go out!!! Hope I am not heading that way (brain disorder).

  2. Katherine Says:

    The movie Still Alice was very good as well. Podcasts are an option for your drive time too. Time flies when I listen to Fresh Air while walking.

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