Auto Flushing

The toilets in the womens rest room in an office building I happen to work in are annoying the heck out of me.

I really should refer to them as Auto-Wasting not auto flushing toilets.

Here is how this plays out 98% of the time I use the restroom.

-Push open door to stall (Toilet Flushes)
-Sit down on toilet (Toilet Flushes)
-Stand to pull up trousers (Toilet Flushes…..granted, here it actually should)
-Open door to leave stall (Toilet Flushes)

So that equals four flushes per use.  HOWEVER…..

If you move around too much (really what is too much in a stall) it will flush as well.  If I shift weight while buttoning, zipping, belting up – you guessed it – flushes again

That puts us up to SIX POSSIBLE FLUSHES.

So you would think it is just one stall, but no, both stalls that are not the handicap stall do this.  (I actually can’t comment on the handicap stall because I have not used that one)

So tonight while waving my hands wildly trying to get the automatic soap dispenser to give me some dam soap and then the automatic faucet to rinse the soap off, the door of the stall must have moved because you guessed it.  FLUSH!

We are in a drought, do these toilets not know this???

(For those with advise to report this, I did)

3 Responses to “Auto Flushing”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    My niece works in an office in San Francisco and the toilets there tell you how to flush: WATER SAVING
    DUAL-FUNCTION HANDLE UP for #1 (liquid waste) DOWN for #2 (solid waste) With a picture of how to do it.
    It also says Coated to protect against germs (for the handle).

    I took a picture of it so I could show it to people in Seattle. Need to send you the picture, perhaps.

    • V_Lo Says:

      I’ve seen those toilets! This one has a single button you push if it doesn’t flush when you move. Clearly the button has never been used .

  2. Katherine Says:

    I have a hate/hate relationship with the automatic foamy soap dispensers at workplace. They’re ridiculously reluctant to put out. And with their shape, when they finally do emit their soapy foam, I feel like I should tell them to leave $100 on the dresser on the way out.

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