It was a Grand Day

That is exactly what I said to my co-worker over IM today.  She had been up training me for a few days from the Orange Coast office.  She knew today was the first day on my “regular” second shift schedule.  Or one caveat, the first day on the regular schedule that I wasn’t working the other job in the morning.  Tomorrow and Friday I work in the morning as well.  Then next week it will be probably Tuesday and Thursday and that will leave me three days like today.  A very grand day.

I was up at 6:30 to take out the garbage and recycling to the curb.  We do not put it out the night before because people go through it and leave a mess.  We had a neighbor from down the block come by with some of our junk mail.  Her recycling was over filled so they would not pick it up, it was only overfilled because as people pulled stuff out of ours to go through it they left what they didn’t want in hers.  Needless to say, it has to be out by 7:00 and the garbage truck is usually on our block and starting before then even.

IMG_2807I took out the garbage and then got dressed to run.  A quick run around the neighborhood and back.  (I have a marathon in exactly a month and am NOT ready – yet)  After I got back from my run I made bacon and eggs for Lori and I.  Usually a breakfast reserved for weekends but the morning had that kind of feel.  I pulled some weeds and did a little yard work before making a pot of lentil curry soup.  Lori had brought home a recipe she wanted me to make.  We had lunch and then I put my dinner together and got ready for work.

The drive was less than an hour and I got to work with time to blog.  🙂

Run; Garden; Cooking; Blogging (all before work) = Grand Day


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