Office Farmers Market

There is a farmers market right outside my office building on Thursday’s.  I have a deep affinity toward Farmers Markets after being involved in the Des Moines and Renton markets for many years.

I worked the both jobs today, leaving the first one at 12:30 and needing to be at the second one by 2:30.  Well there is no way to tell just what may go wrong or right in traffic, also not really any time to go home in between jobs.  I got to work and parked in less than an hour.

So with an extra hour I went and walked around the farmers market.  There is a lot of prepared food, it looks more like a food truck convention moved into tents.  There were also fruits, veggie, flowers, baked goods and other vendors.  I learned that they close at 2:00.  So after I dropped off my laptop, when downstairs and got cash and walked out, they were starting to break down.

Next Week maybe……..

IMG_2808 IMG_2809

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