Whoa….three movies so far this year

We were up early on Saturday and headed out to Calimesa to help the girls get the yard cleaned up.  We weeded the gravel and weed-eated the side yard.  We started planning out the landscaping for the yard there.  We need low water, low maintenance but dog friendly plantings.  We will probably start with the front yard and add some curb appeal.

We drove home and managed to go out to dinner and a movie.  I mention this because we go to very few movies, mostly because of our schedules but this makes THREE movies for the year.  We went to one (Spy) with Dale was in town in June and one (Rikki and the Flash) when Vivian was here in August.   Saturday we went and saw Martian, actually in 3D.  It was pretty darn good and surprisingly funny. That wasn’t the movie we intended to see but there was 90 minutes to kill before dinner and the new Tom Hank  move Bridge of Spies.  We knew if we had to wait around for 90 minutes we would give up and go home. It was pretty darn good and surprisingly funny.

Sunday was busy and yet peculiarly un-productive.  We went to Lowes, Costco and the flooring store to look at tile for our house.  But getting any of our own yard work done, house cleaned or laundry done didn’t happen.  Lori is at a conference for three days this week and we have company this weekend.  I am working two jobs and already on the first day of the week have a schedule change.  It’s a good thing Katherine is coming to visit us and not measure the amount of weeds in the yard.  Who knows, perhaps we will see a FOURTH movie this year.

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