Parking at work

Parking at work, or anywhere in LA really is a special kind of treat.

Today is Thursday, so as I sat down to eat my oatmeal before going to the part-time job I realized I was already past the time I have to be off the street.  I ate with the door open so I could hear the street sweeper coming, no one wants another $48 ticket for being parked in front of their own house on the wrong day of the week.

As we could see the sweeper on the corner (he still had to go up and turn around) I got the heck out of there.  Lori was shooing and telling me to go – go – go!  I had time to warm up the car and got out of there before the sweeper or the public works truck who follows behind giving out tickets was even in sight again.

Parking at the part-time job is the easiest parking I have.  I pull into a spot that my co-workers are so used to me parking in, that they leave it open for me.

Parking at the full-time job in Century City job more of a challenge.  I have parking provided that is paid by the company, that alone is a good thing.  It would otherwise cost me $32.00 a day.  Unless I was in the building for less that 96 minutes as it is $4 for 12 minutes and all day is $32.00.

There are parking attendants on each floor because there is not enough parking for the building Everyone is double parked (sometimes triple parked) and you have to leave your key IN YOUR CAR so the attendant can move it.

I am lucky because of the hour I get to work, I probably only leave my key once or twice a week with an attendant.  I believe I get in while people are still off at lunch or meetings because I often find a random spot in the corner I can park in.  When I do have to leave my key, like in this photo below and an attendant has moved my car two or three times until it is in a spot the key remains in my unlocked car dangling from the ignition and it makes me terribly nervous.  Once it is in a spot the number is written on the other half of the ticket you are given in exchange for your car and when you leave the building you can pick it up from the valet or security if the valet is closed.

When I get into work, the lot looks like these photos, in fact that is my car double parked.  When I leave my car is sometimes completely alone on the floor and it is such an eery difference.

IMG_2802 IMG_2803

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