Before and, well mid-way sorta

There was nothing on the schedule for Saturday, so we filled the day!  Of course we did.

We spent the day weeding the front yard, pulling out a lot of leggy and dead plants.  We also had a load of gravel delivered so we could finish dressing the front yard.  The gravel slows down the little bit of rain that we get which keeps more of it in place and less sheeting off and into the street.  Keeping the water we actually get in the yard is part of the goal.

It took a lot longer to get things cleaned up then we planned.  Part of that was the 84 degrees outside which made it a very hot day in the sun so working in rest in the shade and water breaks.  By the time we started laying down the gravel it was late afternoon.  We have to do it by buckets and it involves walking all the way around to the other side because our agaves’ have closed off the access in front path.

We managed to get through about a quarter of the gravel, maybe 20%.  The gravel was dumped in the driveway and can be a hazard for little costume clad children so we chose to not pass out the candy we had purchased.  We blocked access to the driveway with Lori’s truck and some ropes over any entrances that someone might wander up.  We also turned off the porch light and the living room lights. We could hear the kids out in the street and we almost sat on the tailgate to pass it out but decided not too.  We will be sending the candy to either Lori’s classes or my part-time job where the maintenance guys will devour it.

So here is a “before” photo and one of the gravel that was dumped along with a “mid-way” photo.  Since there really is never ever an actual “after” as these things continue to evolve I will post further along photos as we get this gravel moved in the next week.


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