Shaggy Mane

IMG_2943 When we were kids there were Shaggy Mane mushrooms growing in front of the house in Haines Alaska (and by house I mean trailer.)  We would pick them and mom would saute them up.

They were sooooo good.  I remember them being both delicate and earthy and I thought it was quite something to pull them out of the ground whenever we saw them.

So much confidence we had considering there were poisonous mushrooms everywhere we hiked and played.  We would pick them whenever we saw them.  Often checking the normal places on our way past to see if any more were up.

This morning on my run I saw these.  I knew what they were with that same confidence.

Now I wouldn’t pick them out of someone else’s front yard (obviously this person is watering because everyone else has brown grass) especially this yard one block from the park, many a doggy pee here I am sure.  But is was a nice memory to see them and teleport back 40 years.

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