My (sleepy) Saturday

It was a late night at work last night and I didn’t get home until after midnight.  I had started the day at the part-time job so I had been at work or going from on job to the other since 7 in the morning.

IMG_2947The hardest part of all of that was my car had an appointment for new tires at 9:00 am this morning.  So off I drove at what seem super early even though I am usually up by then.  It didn’t really matter that I had an appointment, there were several there in front of me without appointments.  By the time I finished picking out tires and leaving my car there it was after 10.  Late for breakfast but we went out for breakfast.

We were then going to go to El Dorado nature park for a walk but headed home instead and took a walk around the neighborhood.  We stopped first at Sports Authority and got Lori a new pair of tennis shoes because hers were in the negative miles left arena and she is doing a 5K next weekend in Los Vegas.

We also stopped and did a little grocery shopping after breakfast and before going home for the walk.  Once we finished the walk Lori did some work and we ran a few more errands, including driving back to pick up my car.

When we were at Target today, the one by our house the peacocks were out torturing the drivers. They walk around squawking and in between cars.  They are really pretty fast so even if you look and think your clear you have to keep an eye on each one while you try to back up.  When I pulled up I counted eight in the area and I shooed two off so someone could back out.

IMG_2948(1) IMG_2950(1) IMG_2952(1)

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