It started late Saturday when Lori asked me for photos of the yard.  Specifically before and after photos of the front yard so she could use them in a pro-practice power point she was putting together.

Well they were not in my i-photo, they were in the download file of my computer.  I went looking for them but since all of my email history is gone from the breach in September It wasn’t as organized.

I pulled some off this blog and emailed them to her.

So today while doing laundry and making soup I copied all of the images into i-photo.  This leaves me with several new folders to sort.  I tried doing it in sections, first by date but every time I moved any the dates changed.  That is when I realized the date on the file was the latest open file so it really was mucked up.  Then I move all of the images into i-photo.  It took quite a while for them all to transfer and I watched them all go by.

Here is the thing before MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter there used to be a lot more email.  A lot of it he same jokes, memes and junk that now are shared in social media were emailed around.  Well I watched all of those images go by dumping into my email.

Once everything moved over I spent several hours sorting deleting hundreds of jokes and kittens and logo’s and that file still has over 10,000 images to deal with.  I deleted this guy with the cell phone about fifty times, I fear there are more of him.  Also at least a hundred of the greyhound logo.

The thing is with taking photos for this blog for nine years and a couple of years of doing the 365 project I have a ton of weird random photos that I have not idea what the intent was.  There will be more deleting then sorting that is for sure.

image002_468Mail Attachment_33 image027_4 image028_5 image030_5 image031_7

2 Responses to “Photos”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Just laughing!

  2. Katherine Says:

    I haven’t used it myself, but the photogs I know who manage tons of photos love Adobe Lightroom because of how much it helps organize the photos.

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