Random Maladies

My elbow hurts.

My finger is stiff and sore.

My hip is bugging me.

IMG_2898So the elbow, I strained it carrying bucket after bucket of rocks.  I was carrying 5 shovels per bucket wanting to make progress. Mid way through the day it was reduced to three and will stay there until the massive amount of rocks are moved because although my arm and back muscle were fine with the weight, The elbow joint with that much weight hanging from it is not a happy elbow.

Saturday, not this last but the one before (only relevant for timing of this story) I was weeding the front easement where we have Golden Barrel Cactuses to keep the kids from kicking the rocks around.  It was a hot and tough day of weeding and I waIMG_1844s almost finished and trying to get the grass out from around the cactus. I banged my finger into the thing.  It hurt and I kept going before I realized there was blood on the gravel and my index finger was bleeding.  I washed it off and finished up and then moved on to the gravel above that hurt the elbow!

Well the finger has been sore for the last nine days.  To the point of having trouble zipping up my boots or doing much of anything with it.  This weekend I took my handy printers loop and although my vampire skin had healed over the spot I could see what might be the tip of the cactus spine.  With Lori’s help, tweezers and the printers loop she got it out.  I put Neosporin on it and it is feeling much better, still kinda stiff but so much better.

IMG_1837Lastly my hip is bugging me.  I have the half marathon this weekend.  Working two jobs and just living a very busy life, I have not trained all that much for this marathon.  Well I don’t know if it was in the increased running and walking in the last month or if it was wearing the Hoka’s this weekend instead of my running shoes.  Heck it could have been far to many hours on the couch deleting photos yesterday.

All and all I don’t have time for these things, so annoying!!

One Response to “Random Maladies”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    lol – sounds like you are one big ache from being too busy! Good luck with the half-marathon – after that, take a long hot soak in atub to get rid of all of these achy things. Except the elbow – you might want to see a doc about that, and get some PT. I hurt my elbow snow shoveling last year (and both shoulders) and the elbow took a very long time to heal. Doc had good ideas of things I could do, including a band, ice, and stretches. More work!

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