This here is my blog.  A place I supposedly put random things I “view” every day.  The View being a play on words I thought was pretty clever in 2007 when I started this thing.  It could be “point of view” see or actually something I viewed….

Well here we are in November where I am trying to post every day of the month. So far this work week I have worked both mornings at the “part-time” job and leaving there and going straight to the “full-time” job.  This equals 13 hours of at work time and 2-3 hours of commute times (to first job; second job; home)

The other eight hours a day are spent on sleep, showering, preparing breakfast and lunch/dinner to take with me.

So what does that leave for the view of the day…..well not a lot.  There isn’t a lot of hope for tomorrow either since I am again working both jobs.  But don’t feel sorry for me.  Just ahead I have in my view a four-day-no-jobs-at-all weekend just up ahead which includes a road trip, friends, food and a marathon!

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