Work Folk

I have some super interesting co-workers.

I generally don’t blog about or give up any information regarding anyone at the workplace….or any workplace I’ve been since blogging started.  I stick to general terms like “part-time gig” or “co-worker”.

One of the men at work has two jobs, the proofreading job he does where I work and a film critique for a magazine in the Philippines.  He is often (more often than not) at film premiers.  He talks about film and actors and directors and theory and plot arcs and all kinds of stuff I do not follow.  When he is talking about this it’s usually to the other Project Manager on my shift.  He took some time away from work several different times to go to film school and to shoot movies.

When the proofreader and the project manager talk about film they compare films and techniques and directors it the way that I could only compare frosting techniques or maybe birds.  Today they were discussing some documentary that one wrote a review on and the other new the principals in the film.

Last night as we were prepping filings for today my co-worker talked mostly of Russian authors and books that had been translated.  Things he has read in both Spanish and English and comparing them and which is easier to understand (not always the same language).  I have heard of some of the books, read maybe two and had nothing much to contribute.

I did bring him a book today to borrow that is at least in the genre we he was discussing.  Several times a night I answer “nope, never heard of _____”  author, film, or some obscure tv show that he is talking about.  Usually I’m feeling rather “slow” or out of touch (Although we did get into a good discussion about history last week and I could hold my own there).

But it’s at least very interesting and informative conversation.  So much more than at the part-time job where there is very little culture or art discussed and mostly trumping up Trump.

p.s. The conversation moved on to living off the land, I was able to drop my own author and book on the subject. (Yea Me)

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