Road Hazards

IMG_2956Last night while I was at work I got a text from Lori that she had a blowout on the 605. She was on her way home from work, it was about 8:30 pm.  Luckily (for her) the guy next to her also blew a tire and his rim was on the ground and caught fire.  The “luck” part of this was all the traffic slowing for fire guy allowed her to get over three lanes and into the shoulder where she called AAA.

I snapped a photo of the tire in the back of her truck this morning on our way out-of-town and none of the photos really show the damage.  There are three HUGE gashes in the tire.  There had to have been something in the road.

(I bought tires for the car last week for this weekends road trip – we were this = close to buying tires for the truck at the same time.  Only timing and not wanting to wait around all day without a car did we decide to wait)  There will be no waiting once we get home.

The drive to Los Vegas today was pretty smooth.  We did come up on a road block on the freeway and it took some time to get out of the lanes and into the off ramp traffic and travel past the problem on the frontage road.

There was a sheriff helicopter circling and all traffic stopped in both directions.  Also about ten trooper SUV’s all with deputies out on either side of each and what looked like thirty shotguns pointing at one lone car on the freeway.  The car had the trunk and hood open and someone in the front seat, either leaning or slumped over.  Traffic going the other way was even worse as that was the side of the freeway this was all going down on and there was no frontage road to escape too.  A few miles past that scene, the traffic still at a complete stop, we passed a hotel with aid car, fire truck and several troopers.  We surmised that whatever was going on the highway had started there.

This whole thing added 40 minutes to our drive but we got to Vegas and checked in.  Waiting to meet friends for dinner in a couple of hours.

–More from Vegas tomorrow.

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