Saturday in the very smokey and scantily clad Vegas

We got into Vegas yesterday and checked in.  We relaxed in the hotel room for an hour or so and then met Lori’s family for dinner.  They are staying up in the middle of the strip and we are clear down at the end.  But Vicki had made reservations at owe of the resturants in our hotel.  

After dinner they played Pia Gow and Lori and I watched for a bit before calling it a day.

Saturday started with heading to the convention center to register for our races.  Then we met the family at the Bilagio for lunch, well breakfast at noon is more like it. 

Mark and Lori were running at 5k at 6:00.  Except the gathering and corralling for these events take so much time.  We met at 4:00 and drove to the other end of the strip and got into the event and they lined up, they were in corral twelve.  The event started right at 6:00 and by the time they started it was 6:25. 

They finished just after 7:00, metals in hand and we were in the car and heading to meet everyone for dinner by 8:00.   We got back to our hotel just in time for me to make the blogging update for today.

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