Re-starting line

I am doing remarkably well considering I barely trained for the marathon.  There is a little stiffness when I sit or am still for too long, like the drive home today.  But its only until I start moving around.

While running (and walking) the thirteen miles yesterday I was thrilled to be doing it and thrilled it was almost over.  Everyone in our party for the weekend was completely letting me off the hook if I wanted to bail or quit early so switch to the 10-K instead.  I am very glad I didn’t give in and not only started but finished the race.

I have used signing up for marathons in the past as inspiration to jump start my work outs.  This time it seemed to backfire.  I knew I needed to be running/training.  So if I were going to work out that’s what I should be doing.  But if I wasn’t running or finding time for that I also wasn’t going to the gym (because I should be running).

The gym routine I was working on (going at 4 in the morning,) well that  got sidetracked with the change in my work schedule and then the I should be running but I’m not running so therefore I am not doing anything loop set it.

I was actually glad to have the marathon done so I can get back to my usual something (anything) everyday sort of routine.



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