In the mood to cook

Maybe it’s from being away all weekend and therefore eating at restaurants a lot.  I do my best ordering food out and two in our party this weekend even commented on how “colorful” my plate was.

Maybe it’s from the cold weather….yeah yeah, it does not compare to just about anywhere else in the U.S. certainly not where I grew up or states where I have readers and friends living.  But to quote a phrase from the news this morning it’s “California Cold.”

Last night once we were home from Los Vegas for the marathon and Lori had dashed off to class I did a little grocery shopping.  It was tough because all the fresh veggies and fruits looked great, but I have zero time to cook until maybe Thursday before work or this weekend.  I buy to many at one time (often) and end up tossing them (often).

I focused on getting some quick healthy options to get us through the week and am satisfying my cooking desire by reading recipes on-line between jobs today.

This weekend however will contain a soup, maybe navy beans!



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