I was going to be heading to WDC last night.  This all came about suddenly last Friday when we were driving up to Los Vegas.  I got a text from my boss asking if I could work 3rd shift in WDC Wed through Friday.

It took some setting up once we got to Vegas because I did not have a travel profile set up yet.  Luckily Lori had her computer with us so she could work (which she never got time for).

So we were driving home on Monday and the plan was I would be flying out on Tuesday.  Well Monday afternoon I got a cancellation notice from the travel agent and text’d my boss.  It seems he had sent me a message that it was off but it never landed on my phone.  (This is a known and increasing problem with my phone).

Needless to say I was both saddened and excited that it had cancelled.  There is so much to do and the being away from home for four days already another four would put me even further behind.  But I have also never been to WDC so I was looking forward to going.

Granted all of this was prior to Paris bombings on Friday (or my knowledge of them) and the bomb threats on flights last night heading to Paris.  And certainly before all of the raids, drama, violence and threats from today.

Today I’m glad I will be in my own bed!

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