Kitty Kitty

Well, I think this is happening tonight…….

There has been a kitty at Lori’s school for a couple months.  Someone dropped it off when it was just a wee little baby.  With no home found she texted today and wants it….. so, when I get home tonight there may be this little kitten there.

My energy is canine not feline so we will have to get used to one another.

imagejpeg_0 IMG_6301












(So after this was posted I found out the kitty is not coming home tonight, but perhaps tomorrow or this weekend)

One Response to “Kitty Kitty”

  1. Amber Says:

    Oh sweet!! Maybe you can become a kitty person? Cats are good because they don’t require as much attention. You can go away for 1 night without having to worry about walking it ect. 🙂

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