Welcome Kitten

We brought home the kitten yesterday after the class at Huntington Garden.  We drove down to the school and Joe crated her up and we brought her home.  Lori had already picked up a cat tree and got dishes and beds from a friend who no longer has cats.

Well we brought her home and opened the kennel, she didn’t move.  About six hours later she darted out and behind the bookshelf.

When we got up this morning she was still in the same spot.  She had been in about the same spot for twelve hours.

We have climbed down and talked to her, tried to give her food and water.  We succeeded in sending her in the corner of the furthest shelf and the curtain.

Several hours later we tried a toy on a string but she didn’t move.  We let her be for a while longer.  She ventured out, only to get tangled up in the lamp and send it toppling over.  Tearing the lamp and freaking her out even more.

She ran around the couch and into the opposite corner behind the table and were we have a couple guitars.  She got caught up in the strap of the guitar case and Lori’s ukulele case.

When Lori tried to remove the ukulele, the kitty dashed out and is currently back under the bookshelf.  She has been here for thirty two hours and the only photo I have to share is this one of the busted lamp.



4 Responses to “Welcome Kitten”

  1. Amber Says:

    Awe… poor thing is scared out of its little mind. It will get hungry and thirsty though and eventually have to come out.. I hope!

  2. Katherine Says:

    Oh dear. Catnip sprinkled at the exit to wherever she is? With time she should come out of her shell.

  3. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Oh my, poor thing!

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