Moving On to Christmas

Lets just get that “warning” blog off the top and move on.  Granted all that I had to say on the war and it being a dire situation in the world is still true however the actual “warning” given to me my security has been dis-proved….

There you have it, I bought into the same propaganda.  Phooey.  I did try and check it out and this afternoon I see my error was including the date of the letter given me and not a more generic search to see this same thing was done years go.

So moving on the holidays.  I keep hearing Christmas carols and seeing Christmas displays.  There has even been a couple houses in the neighborhood that have decorated.  It does NOT feel like Christmas or heck even fall to me.

Today when I arrived at both jobs, low and behold there were Christmas trees in both offices all decorated.  When I drove into job one at 7:30 in the morning it was 53 degrees.  Then I was driving into the second job at 12:30 and it was over 80 degrees.

It is actually supposed to be cooler in the next few days.  However last week there was 35 degree difference between morning and afternoon.  53-87 making it difficult to dress for the day.

Boy oh boy do I know how spoiled I sound when in Washington there have been rain storms and cold weather and back east there have been threats of snow.  This is why the term coined by the new anchor “California Cold” makes me chuckle.

The fashion is currently sweaters and scarfs and tights with boots…..and mid day it is in the 80’s.  Go figure.  It does not stop the complaining of how cold it is in the morning or evening or for that matter how hot it is mid-day.

We are never happy except for those perfect 78 degree days.  Luckily we get a lot of them.


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