Well I have since been schooled that this is in fact not true.  The same head of security who brought it to us and everyone else at work has in the past also shown up with EBOLA and other warnings so I believed this to be valid as well.  Still stay safe everyone.

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One of the advantages (in a way) of working at a public (read target) place is the intel.  So much comes across my desk regarding threats, outbreaks and general mayhem.

We have been actively at war for over a decade now (October 7, 2001 to present).  That we haven’t been “hit” on our soil is what keeps most of us complacent that we are actually at war. (Yes I realize the precursor was 9/11 and on our soil)

Things have been dire in the world as of late, France, Beirut, Syria, Lebanon, the Russian flight brought down in Egypt and oh so many that don’t make the “main stream” news feeds.

The warning that crossed my desk today at the temp job I needed to share with you.  It came from our safety division and I am passing it along as requested.

The warning is attached, in brief it discusses the purchase of 32K in UPS uniforms over eBay in the last month.  Please be aware of your surroundings when in public places.  I certainly don’t want to say that it is inevitable the war we are engaged in would land on our soil, but we are at war, a fact that gets missed in a lot of the news coverage.



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