Holy Costco Crowd

I got home at 1am from work this morning.  However the day started only five or so hours after I went to bed as the garbage needed to be on the street prior to 7am.  (There is a long story involving our trash being down the street in another homes bin as to why we can’t put it out the night before)

After that I ran a few errands. I swung by the carwash on my way to  Sprouts where I picked up our pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  (Tomorrow will include driving, heating and visiting).  I swung into Trader Joes as well because Costco, my only other stop was not open until 10:00.  I arrived at Costco at 9:30 and this was the crowd waiting for the door to open.

I stayed in my car listening to an audio book for at least 30 minutes, well actually I spent 15 of it in-line for gas and then another 15 in the parking lot.

Granted with this crowd at the door waiting for it to open it took me another fifteen minutes to get in.  I only had a few things to pick up and it took me longer to get in the door then it did to get the items and get back out.

But I think I still beat the Thanksgiving crowd and was back home and unloading everything by 11 giving me nearly an hour before I had to start getting ready for work.

Luckily I will not need to go out to any store for the entire upcoming crazy shopping weekend!  If this is the pre-opening crowd I don’t even want to see what Black Friday would look like.


One Response to “Holy Costco Crowd”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Oh my gosh, what a crowd! I am with you, no need to go shopping this week-end! I ran out of lemon juice, thoughl, while making a pie for Don and Janice. Used lime instead. She phoned later and said it was wonderful. I stopped by Safeway anyway and got some more lemon juice. Happy Thanksgiving to you today!!!

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