Sunday Rocks

Today started with heading to the hardware store to pick up museum wax.  Now that the kitten has been here a week and has started climbing on things it became necessary to secure the pottery on the top of the bookshelf with some earthquake putty.

I the moved more rocks prior to the awesome SeaHawks game!  It was while I was out there shoveling that got me thinking.  This is not my first time I’ve used rocks as a design element.

While I was in a rental in the late 90’s I moved several yards of pea gravel into the yard to build pathways for the dogs and keep the mud down.  At my house in Washington I moved rocks and purchased rocks to build a path along the fence.  In fact the only reason I didn’t put gravel in the vegetable garden was the proximity to the pool and knowing some much would get kicked in or brought by raccoons that I decided against it.

Now this place has gravel paths all through the back yard and the front beds are now all dressed with gravel.  I love the depth it builds by putting the lighter color on the ground and highlights the stems and branches of plants that would usually just blend in with the ground.

I raked up fallen cedar needles until I filled the yard waste bin and then started spreading the gravel.  On Wednesday when the bin is emptied I’ll be able to refill it and finish that part of this gravel project.

Once the game started I came inside and watched the game, finished the laundry I started this morning and got it all folded and put away during time outs and such.

Then once the game was about over I grilled dinner outside!  Today rocks in so many ways!

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