Long Day in Lock Down

I got home from the gym today to walk in on news of the shooting in San Bernardino.  I saw that it was at the Inland Regional Center and looked up the email Lori got yesterday from her sisters case worker.  Yep same building.

I called Lori.  She was at school and I usually wouldn’t burden her with this but I was pretty shaken and so I called and told her about it.

My first thought was just the case worker we heard from yesterday.  Not that I have ever met her but it seemed pretty close to home.

By the time I left for work 90 minutes later, I knew there were at least 12 dead (now confirmed 14) and at least that many hurt.

When I got to work less than an hour later, it was hitting much closer to home.  My niece was in a nearby building at work and under lock down.  It was the longest most stressful day probably in her life, not that it was any picnic for the rest of us.

They had SWAT all over their building, searching in the building, the parking lot and the roof.  They would not let any of them leave and even arrested two of her co-workers that tried to leave.

SEVEN hours later they were finally released.  But not without hours of chaos and being told to get away from the windows and they were in a “hot zone” for the up to 700 people there.  Finally they were evacuated on a “rush” which was so they could explode a device they found.

Stressful day for her, stressful day for her mom and sister and friends and family who were emailing checking to see just where San Bernardino is located.

The news is plain stupid.  Trying to text her updates based on what we knew from the news just proved they (news outlets) are full of speculation and guessing.  Amber had more information from inside a locked building because of the minimal updates from the police then we had.

Everyone is home safe, well not everyone sadly 14 are dead and another 17 at the hospital.  Some of the shooters are dead as well but I am not giving them anymore press.

4 Responses to “Long Day in Lock Down”

  1. Della Says:

    It was a very stressful day! Thank you for the support. I know it meant a lot to her to have you there texting along with me. Now, just twelve hours later, she is on her way back in there this morning. I can’t believe they didn’t tell them all to stay home today after all of that stress yesterday. I’m hoping there will be a gathering, some counselors, or something for the 700 people that work in her building. I am so relieved my daughter is safe, and very saddened for those who didn’t make it and their families. Love you sister!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I am surprised too that Amber and her coworkers were not allowed a day to stay home and rest but maybe getting back to the regular routine sooner is best. Breathe deep Della I know how stressful it must of been for you. You are all in my prayers today along with all the families of the victims and the community as a whole.

  3. Diane Kennedy Says:

    Sorry that is my comment above I didn’t mean to be anonymous.

  4. Katherine Says:

    I do hope Amber’s employer brings in counseling resources to help the employees process what they’ve been through. It sounds awful and there’s no such thing as “business as usual” for them now.

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