Random Lemon Cake

I made lemon cupcakes for work today.  I bought a different cake flour, from Bob’s Red Mill.  That was the only thing different in my recipe.

Granted, I haven’t looked at the recipe in a long time but having made batch after batch after batch for the farmers market for years it is pretty much memorized….

3 cups of flour; 1/2 ts salt; 1 cup of butter; 2 cups of sugar; 4 eggs; 1 cup of sour cream; zest from 4 lemons and juice from two (at least 1/3 cup)

Needless to say it didn’t rise very much and is denser so I am going with this cake flour instead of just regular all-purpose.

We had a pot luck at work.  I made these cupcakes and then some butternut squash risotto as well.  It was a very busy morning, all of that cooking/baking, three loads of laundry and I washed my car.

I had to leave for work at noon because the pot-luck was starting at 1:00 pm.  I cleaned up most of my mess at home while I baked the left over batter and left it for Lori.  She is not a big fan of cake but may eat a little before we toss it.  (In looking at these photos, it is quite deceiving, that cake is only 1/4 inch thick you can see fits on a small cutting board)



2 Responses to “Random Lemon Cake”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Those look very familiar! (and still looks like I would want more than one!

  2. Plans Change | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] Random Lemon Cake […]

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