Plans Change

This was the weekend outlook on Friday morning:
Saturday was brunch with Alice.
Sunday was a massage at the spa.
Pepper both days with some other things we wanted and needed to get done.  (We have our dear friend Briana coming to visit on Tuesday and needed to do some basic things like cleaning the house, moving the rest of the gravel out of the driveway and go grocery shopping)

Friday night two things happened to change the outlook of the weekend.  The first was the nieces phoned with a power issue in the kitchen.  A couple random plugs are not working, including the one behind the fridge.  Well we had issues with this wall when we were re-wiring the plugs which is why we finally called in an electrician when we were renovating.  (Add a trip to Calimesa to the weekend)

The other was as I was nearing work a warning light came up on my dash while driving.  By the time I got all of the potluck items and my computer upstairs to work and looked up the error it was a tire pressure warning.  Then later when I left work that night I had a flat tire.

They are new tires, I had just bought them on November 7th.  I got them before our trip to Vegas.  (For a little back story, when I was getting the tires I specifically asked them to check my spare – I was told all I had was a donut tire, but it was fine)

I did not want to deal with calling AAA to change to the donut on Friday night.  I wasn’t comfortable driving that far home on a donut.  It was also dark and very windy – So Lori drove all the way over to the West side and picked me up.  I decided on Sunday after the massage we could drive back over, change the tire and drive 1 mile to Firestone and have the tire fixed. (Add a round trip to the West side and tire repair to the weekend)

Saturday started out pretty productive.  One of the first items off the list was the bank.  I needed to go in for the pay-off balance on the car loan and actually paid off my little car that was at that moment stranded in the parking garage at work.

We were looking at the list of things for the weekend and needed to be in Claremont for brunch.  IKEA was on the list and happened to be on the way.  We wanted to replace the lamp shade that was broken on the kittens first weekend here.

We happened to get to IKEA within moments of opening and it was virtually empty.  We wondered through, found a new lamp instead of a lamp shade for the broken lamp.  A few other things because I think it’s impossible not to find more when there and were out and on our way to brunch.  I was feeling pretty smug that two items were off the list even though things were changing. (That smugness was short lived)

We had a lovely brunch with Alice and were already half way to the girls house so we headed there next to deal with the electricity.  I found a breaker that has a gfi breaker that was tripped and wouldn’t reset.  I searched and searched and could not find a tripped gfi outlet inside or outside the house.  I reset all the gfi’s I could find but that didn’t work.

The girls have the refrigerator plugged into an extension cord and plugged in across the kitchen.  They said they could live with it for a week and I called on the electrician we use at the hospital.  He lives out in that area and can meet me out there next Saturday. (Already adding to next weekend)

We visited with the girls for a while and then loaded up the tile tools and four bags of mastic we had out there so we can tile our entire house over Lori’s winter break.  (Clearly not a wasted trip, it was great see the girls and pick up the tools)

Sunday morning started early.  I had made 9:00 am massage appointments so we needed to be there by 8:45 or so.  [Insert lovely massage and relaxation here]  We then headed out and stopped for breakfast at a sweet nearby french cafe.  The day was starting out very lovely.

After that we drove to the West side and called AAA.  While they were on the way we went to check on the car and pull out the donut.  No donut.  No spot for a donut.  Pulled out the car manual and looked up spare and read that “car is not equipped with a spare”

I was so frustrated, I called AAA back and they said they would relay to the truck that it was probably a tow.  The pick up (not tow truck) got there within 30 minutes from the first call.  He confirmed that a tow truck not only wouldn’t be able to tow me out of the bottom (4 floors under ground) of the building around the tight spiral corners, it wouldn’t even be able to get down there.

He was however able to inflate my tire and I was able to drive it to the nearest Firestone one mile from work.  I was paranoid, pissed off about the donut and panicked.

My frustration level increased when they didn’t carry these tires.  This shop was not very helpful even though I called Saturday and had an appointment.  I could get a different tire or wait until tomorrow.  (except I couldn’t wait,  I couldn’t drive with it like that and there was too much happening on Monday for Lori to drive me back out there for a third time)

I had bought the road hazard coverage on the tires, so that meant they measure the tread and pro-rate the tire price.  So there was no tire price, but with the recycling and tax and insurance on the newest tire it put me at $25 bucks.

I drove off an hour later.  With a tire but completely frustrated.  Luckily for the 40 minute drive home I was able to reflect:  I was driving on a safe tire (even if it didn’t match); I had wonderful help and support through it all; I have the means to buy the tires.  I tried very hard to get passed what was bugging me about the tire and the mis-information regarding the donut when I bought them.  I can deal with the tire; I could settle for what I had.

Until I got home.  We still hadn’t got for groceries, so we went to dinner.  In talking it over with my amazing support system I called the original garage and told them about the tire today.  Needless to say they have the tire I bought in stock and will take care of it.  Lori will take the car there in the morning when I am at the temp job.  If there is time to trade cars before I head off to work and she heads off to a division meeting we will otherwise I’ll just drive her truck and she will drive the car for the day.

Things don’t always turn out as planned.  But they do seem to work out, one way or another.



2 Responses to “Plans Change”

  1. Katherine Says:

    And in the midst of all of that YAYYYYYYY!! you paid off the car! That’s awesome. Sorry for all of the frustration. That seems to be the state of the world these days. Glad you called the original tire shop too. The onus is on them to fix things.

    • V_Lo Says:

      I am a very lucky woman. Lori took it in and took care of it. She ended up having to pay for the new tire insurance and labor yadda yadda so 50 more bucks. HOWEVER, she made them give me back the one they put on yesterday. So with the two fees equaling $75, I have a $140 full size tire. All I need is a rim and I have a spare.

      Granted, my car is too small to carry that around. But if it lives in the garage, Lori could bring it to me if there was ever a problem like this again and I wouldn’t be so helpless.

      yes YAYYYYYY the car is paid off!!! Now to start paying on Italy for next June.

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