Visitor :)


Briana arrived yesterday.  Lori who just started her winter break doesn’t actually get one….  On Monday while I was at work she cleaned the house we didn’t get to over the weekend and she went grocery shopping which is usually my chore and expense.

Tuesday again while I was at work she finished up and then picked Briana up at the airport at noon.  The had a nice catch up visit and luckily for me were still up when I got home at 11pm.

Today after we were all up and Lori made us coffee we headed to Long Beach for breakfast.  Once back home I made my macaroni salad for them to enjoy this afternoon and I again headed off to work.

The wonderful part of having visitors come all the way down is the undivided visiting I get!  When I go to Seattle there are so many lovely people I want to see and usually at least a hand full of projects I want to get to as well.

It is “cold” here by Southern California standards.  43 at night and 67 during the day.  Bri was sitting outside with her face being bathed in the sunlight this morning.  Visiting is good!!

One Response to “Visitor :)”

  1. Della Says:

    I bet she was loving that salad 🙂

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