Christmas Projects

We did not decorate this season, main reason is if we had those very decorations would just be in our way right now.  See we are working on tiling our entire house during the next couple weeks.

Tiling in itself is not that difficult.  Tiling while living in the space is a bit trickier.  We started Sunday morning….

IMG_3085First we went and bought the tile.  This had already been chosen but not yet purchased.  The 46 cases of tile were picked up in three loads on Sunday.  Each box holds 8 tiles and each box took two of us to carry it into the garage.

We then went and bought more supplies and a tile saw.  We had rented one for the Calimesa house and just with how many days we were going to need it this time it was less expensive to purchase it.

Sunday night when I could easily have stopped there we moved all of the furniture out of the office and into our bedroom.  To do this we had to stand the bed up against the wall and then unload the three bookshelves and stack everything in the empty space in the bedroom.

IMG_3088IMG_3090We slept on the air mattress in the empty office on Sunday.  On Monday (yesterday, was that only yesterday) Lori rolled up the carpet and the pad.  Because it is good shape (only a few years old and no kids or pets) we are going to try and roll it up and mark the room size and put it out in case anyone in the neighborhood wants it.  Most of the houses in the area were built about the same time and when Lori lived in the house next door a very long time ago, it was the same layout only flipped.

When I got home at midnight last night the air mattress was now set up in the living room and we will be there for the next few days.

IMG_3093Today (Tuesday) we started laying the tile.  This was a slow start because there was still prep to do including putting the saw together, removing the baseboards and I only had until 1pm as I had to stop and be at work at 3pm.IMG_3096

Tomorrow (Wednesday) not much will probably happen.  Lori kept working today when I left so it will depend on where the room stands for the rest of the week, we will probably try to finish the office so it can cure.  But Della fly’s in tomorrow (Lori is picking her up and taking her to Calimesa) and I work both jobs.

Thursday we will either finish tiling or if we managed to get that done and it has cured for 24 hours we will grout that room.  That will give it enough time to set so when we are back from Calimesa on Sunday we can put in the baseboards and move all of the furniture back.

Then of course we move all of the bedroom furniture into the office and remove that carpet and do the same thing.  I have a three day weekend over the new year and I expect we will be done with the bedroom by then and working on the living room and hall.

The tough part is the time things have to sit and cure and the living amongst the chaos in the meantime.





One Response to “Christmas Projects”

  1. Katherine Says:

    The Project Ladies are at it again! Love to you both. Maybe chat tomorrow if you can get away for a half hour? My thing with the woman and her person is about 1:30ish.

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