One Room Tiled

Well we officially finished the office and have put the furniture back in.  Granted Lori is going through the books and re-organizing the shelves along with putting up new curtains today, but tomorrow we will be starting on the bedroom.

I would say we are 25% done. The slowest 25% because we had to get a rhythm down along with running out for tools when needed.  Today we had to run out for 2″ nails for the nail gun since these walls are lath and plaster walls and the shorter ones would not have held the baseboards on.

Tomorrow before work we will move the bedroom furniture into the office, pull up the carpet and see how far we can get with starting to lay down the tile in there.

Thursday I am going in early because we are closing a bit later and then there is a three day weekend to devote to this project.  Expect some spectacular photos people!!!

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