New Year

The whole “New Year” thing has sort of escaped me.  I have mostly been looking forward to the three day weekend to get further along in the tiling project.

Work has been slow, but busy….That really makes no sense, but there hasn’t been a lot of work or for that matter employees.  So while it is slow my shift has been solo for most of the last two weeks so its also been busy(ish).  I had a couple nights this week of not leaving work until midnight and today I was back in early because we were closing early for the weekend.

A trio of events led to today’s pre-work events.  Along with the schedule of working late last night and early today it was also Thursday and I need to get my car off the street for several hours in the morning.

My car needed an oil change (and a wash); Our fridge needed some groceries.  So I was off the street by about 7:30 and ran the car through the car wash, up to the garage for an oil change and then Sprouts and Trader Joes.  I got home with just time to put everything away, shower, have lunch and leave for work.

Tomorrow on the actual first day of the New Year, while mixing and spreading mastic perhaps I’ll ponder the exiting year or the upcoming year.  As of New Years Eve I really haven’t given it a minute of thought.

It really was a quick look at Facebook while my car warmed up seeing everyone’s posts about new years resolutions and remembering this last year that it really even hit me.

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