Next Project

So for our next project, and no we are not done with the current project is to build an outdoor kitty house so the new kitty which we are currently calling Cee Cee can go in and out of the bedroom window.  She will be able to lay in the sun or skitter at the massive amount of humming birds in the back yard or just let in more darn crickets.

I still have some upcoming posts about the tiling as we are half way through the hallway and still have the living room left. In the hallway we have to work in parts so we can step over the setting tiles and then the following day use them to step on as we careen over others.  We set a good part of it today and the tiling portion of the hall should be done tomorrow and then we just have to grout it and put the baseboards back.

However last week I drew (like with a darn pen and paper) up the kitty patio jotting down the measurements and brought it home.  Tonight my darling drew it up in Autocad and sent me the drawing!!  It couldn’t match what was in my head or paper any better.  She even measured the exterior wall, the window and the water heater so it is a true representation.


2 Responses to “Next Project”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Cool! Might I suggest an exterior entrance to the thing for easy access in case you end up wanting to put a large scratchy tree or something else in there? Going through the window opening for humans might not always be the best experience.

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