I’m sure your excited for another tile update…..

The next tile update (after this one) will be my last.  We hope to finish up this weekend (realistically Monday to put the house all back together) and then I can post complete photos.

Yesterday we took out carpet from the living room and Lori layed down about 4 rows while I was at work.  Today we put another 12 rows into the living room before I had to get ready for work.

Currently to get to the bedroom/bathroom from the kitchen we have to go out the back door, around the house and in the front door and walk on the tiles Lori put down yesterday.  Good Times right there!

By tomorrow these will be set and we can move the living room furniture onto it and finish putting down the tile, we should be able by then to step from the kitchen onto the tiles set today.

As you can see the kitten is perfectly happy sleeping on her cat tree as we move furniture and make tons of noise.  She has clearly acclimated.



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