Visitors; movie; play; broken truck and fixed kitten

It has been a very busy couple of weeks.  The blog has been in the back of my mind, but that is all.  Yesterday I received an email from a dear friend checking in and also from a blog reader I do not know “hoping all was well” because I hadn’t blogged in a while.

We have had company two weekends in a row.  Katherine was here a couple weeks ago.  We had a lovely visit that included a nice walk at Eldorado Nature park and we went to see the movie Joy.

My sister was down this last weekend for my nieces birthday.  We all went out to dinner and to see the play Twelve Angry Jurors at the local theater.  We also went to the baby store and ooh and awed over all the tiny baby clothes…I had to buy a handful and this little girl is going to be so darn cute.

In between the two visitors I actually only worked one job, in fact I am down to about two hours a week on Monday mornings to answer all the questions from the previous week.  Todays two hours was to cover the last couple weeks.  I still had time between jobs to swing into Trader Joes and get enough groceries to get through the week because like blogging, grocery shopping hadn’t happened since before Katherine arrived.

Even though I only worked one job, last week we also had to take the truck in on Monday morning as the alternator light came on.  They expected it would be done on Wednesday, which pushed then Thursday pushed and Friday they gave Lori a rental car.  She picked up my sister in it and it worked out that we were able to fit all of us in it for the weekend.  We do not yet have an eta.

We were down to one car for the week and also had to get the kitten fixed.  We got home from dropping Katherine off at the airport a week ago and she was in heat!  So we took her in Thursday and picked her up on Friday.  In the mean time Lori was stuck at home with no car prepping for the upcoming school semester and moving more of our never ending gravel pile.

Now that I have caught up on the last ten days I can move forward and blog about more/less interesting things.  Fun topics to bore you with:

  • Financial Planning
  • Trust and Will making (a fun event for the adult types out there)
  • Saving for retirement
  • Selling of my house
  • The endless attempt to get back to the gym

I wish they were more exciting but I can’t even think up a more exciting thing to put in as an example.  Yawn.  As you can see from my list of very grown up things on my task list and so instead here are some really cute baby clothes for my great niece.

IMG_3180 (1)

One Response to “Visitors; movie; play; broken truck and fixed kitten”

  1. Taylor/ Mother of the great niece Says:

    She will be one stylish babe, thanks for all of your guys’ support

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