More house

There really is more going on in life right now besides the selling of my house.  But except for work hours, this topic is taking up the most time and energy.

For the next month, we are on a fix up and clear out mode.  Della and Dale are going through things, listing what I don’t want on craigslist and packing up what I do want.

Della also knows a carpenter and the three of them met yesterday and prioritized some work around there.  These are things that we just never got to fixing but they need to be addressed before it sells.

We are still shooting for listing at the end of April if ‘something’ doesn’t happen sooner.  The ‘something’ may be a fish that is nibbling at the hook and interested.  That would be the most cost effective option for me.  He came by to see the place and brought the kids, the big interest is the pool which coincidently is the hardest selling point.

But in the mean time we continue to work on it (and by we, I really mean Della and Dale so far).  Dale sent me pictures of every book shelf, I just sent back a PDF showing which books to keep and which to donate/sell.  I picked everything I wanted, then I pared it down.   Then I really pared it down.  I ended up with the entire shelf of poetry and 60 random books that I am keeping.  A pittance in comparison to what is there.

There is also a moving van showing up next weekend to pick up furniture and belongings to take to Mary in North Carolina.

I spent so much time accumulating “things” when I was younger.  I also had plenty of room for them.  But having been away from it all for three years sure makes it easier to purge it all and the desire for the stuff in my life just isn’t there.  I don’t have the room nor do I need all of the things anymore.


One Response to “More house”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Amazing how living in small spaces forces prioritization of things that really matter. I can’t imagine the you of 20 years ago giving up even one of your books. I hope the hook nibbler works out but only if you get a good, fair deal out of it. Don’t compromise just because it’s quick and easy. Also, if the realtor you’re working with doesn’t feel right, I can make another referral. Finally, I know I’ve been out of commission but I expect to be back in full form (sans gross life-long, brain-dulling sinus infection) within another week or so, so don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

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