My brother Dale and sister Della are going to town fixing up my house, selling my possessions and packing up.

This weekend the living room furniture was sold and picked up.  My bar and glassware was picked up.

They pulled the books I wanted, offered up some to our friend who is a veracious reader and are taking the rest in batches to half price books to sell.

Della sent me photos of her and Dale weeding the front iris bed together.

They pulled the sink and toilet in the bathroom and started painting in there.  The carpenter that we hired repaired the sub floor today and once they are done painting will replace the floor with the same material I put downstairs a few years ago, re-install the toilet and replace the sink that was in there and cracked since I bought the place.

They are working so hard, I am keeping my phone handy as I get random texts with photos…do you want this… (my usual response is NOPE, sell it)  Della sent me a photo of a shelf full of vases, I had her pull a couple special ones and said to sell the rest.

There is a moving company coming on Saturday to take Mary’s furniture and boxes also some furniture we bought together that I felt was more appropriate to send to her than to sell it.

The house is emptying out pretty quick.  There are more projects and we are working on getting a bid on the windows upstairs that are blown and then painting the outside.

Its seems to be happening fast and we still have several months to go.  I am a lucky woman to have such helpful siblings and friends offering to help!


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