This is the new warning we worked up.  “OFA” to tell each other when we are starting to sound like, well an Old Fart.

This last weekend we went for fabulous massages early on Saturday morning.  Mine was spectacular in fact.  Essential Oils, Hot Stones, Serious deep tissue.  I had a particular catch in my right shoulder neck area.  She worked on that area and then moved on to the left side.  She hung my arm straight down and applied constant pressure in one spot opposite where the issue was.  She held the pressure for what seemed like forever but was probably only 45 seconds to a minute.  The other side went “thwaunk” and it released!

Anyway all of that to say we then went to a nice lunch and then to a tour of Sam Maloof property/house/museum.  We were in pretty good moods and I was still high from my massage.  At the beginning of the tour there was a sweet docent who started us off.  There was also a plane going over and it was hard to hear her at first.  That’s when this Old Fart barked at her, seriously.  She barked “Can you speak louder, like PROJECT”  It was jarring and the docent was tossed right out of her train of thought.  You could tell she was thrown for quite a bit of the tour. There are just better ways to go about it.  To have said “let me move closer I am having trouble hearing you” would have let the docent know she wasn’t being heard and let her know that what she had to say was of interest.

This woman’s energy was just not pleasant and in direct contrast to my high and mood so I just kept trying to stay on the other side of the rooms from her.

Lori and I talked about it later, we both had tried to steer clear so her energy wouldn’t rub off on us.  We didn’t talk about it there of course but later on our drive home.  Both agreeing that we do not ever want to become that way and we came up with our “Old Fart Alert” for when one of us is sounding negative and cranky.

So I gave myself an OFA today at the gym.  Its just none of my business if someone decides to express themselves by showing their ass to the world.  Rock on guy with the short shorts!  Just let me work out on the other side of the gym as you fall out of your costume.



One Response to “OFA”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Well, there’s OF (my version is that I get grossly impatient with people) and there’s just common decency. I don’t want to see anything falling out of anyone’s shorts. Unless it’s a rabbit or a puppy or like when my friend Julia pulled something out of her pocket while talking with customers and accidentally brought with it a tiny little dildo her friend had given her the night before as a joke. But I digress…. (another totally OF characteristic–what were we talking about? Who cares?!).

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