Heeeeeres March already

Who has time to blog….nope not me.

Work has been crazy.  We are in the middle of peak at work so there is no time to blog when there.  We are however cut off from overtime so its not the hours keeping me busy, just the amount of work trying to stuff into those hours.

I’m torn on the OT.  I usually do not care one little bit if there is no overtime.  You can tell however that many of my co-workers are used to the hours in their paychecks and are therefore panicky and bitchy.

The only reason I even care a little about the OT right now is the amount of money I have going out.  Bathroom repairs, paint quotes, window quotes and moving quotes.  I can’t even say enough about how much my brother has been doing with getting these quotes and handling the people coming to bid.  It is all great.  (More later on the packing / house updates)

He has been gathering quotes and we are about settled on vendors and timing.  We also had to wait for my replacement credit card to come because a couple weeks ago when the bill came in I found a bunch of fraudulent charges to somewhere in Florida called WORDTRANSCRIBBER who when I phoned the number it is just a recording.

So the credit card was canceled, charges disputed, new card shipped.  Now to get all my automatic payments set back up.  The one and only one that was easy was my NPR radio donation.  They sent me a link, filled it in, bam done!  The alarm monitoring hasn’t happened yet because all I do is sit on hold and although I try and do it on line it doesn’t recognize me.

The gym membership…..well we just cancelled that instead.  Cancelled it in hopes of getting MORE exercise.  Its a strange concept that I will go into on another night when it is not midnight and just say so far it working. (More later on this as well)

In the mean time, here are a few lovely hummingbirds that were outside this morning as we headed to El Dorado nature park for a walk.  There are two separate males who are fighting for territory of the blooming Aloe.

The weekends have been packed as well.  Last weekend were two school events (you guessed it more on that later).  This weekend Lori is off planting trees and I am helping friends tear down a shed.  Next weekend we are taking a mini trip.  Then there will be painting of the nursery for Taylor………….

More later I promise I’m off to bed, it is officially tomorrow.







One Response to “Heeeeeres March already”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    I did miss your blog. “More power to you” for even having one! I know it must be a busy time with work, California house stuff, and then selling a very large house in Seattle! I think of you when I see signs for painters. Went to the home show last week and will have a new garage door in a month. Now I am in Ithaca, NY and it is COLD. The temp went way down last night. Now at 9:30 A.M. it is up to 22 degrees. (My computer still thinks I am in Seattle). Will fly out of here on Monday. Keep posting about your Seattle place. Fun to read.

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